Friday, May 14, 2010

For a change..!! Let us think differently and listen to these songs.

A versatile blogger from somewhere in the world writes on almost all mundane things in the World, right from uppuma to universal welfare, from kichadi to karnatic music. Recently, she had invited a lot of her friends to post in their own blogs on subjects like THE SINGERS I LIKE, THE SONGS I LIKE. Though I commented a lot, I could not write one, since I was not in the same wave length as the younger generation to which the blogger belongs to, till a friendly blogger who writes usually on spiritual matters emailed to me asking me to write on. I did write in my usual music blog , which usually dwelt on carnatic classical and hindusthani classical.
Only then, I thought, why should I not be thinking differently, as the blogger herself thought and wrote recently.

Though a lover of Classical music, particularly of the Indian veg variety, I am never averse to classical Western Music. I listen for a change often to western classical and guitar but then I switch over to listening to Indian classical, by sheer instinct.
At the end, I felt, for the discerning , there is possibly no difference.
Music is the same all along, healing, rejuvenating .


lucille..Kenny Rogers

Britney spears Sometimes

zara zara

kannamoochi enada

John Higgins. Govardhana Giridhara... Dharbari kanada

ayyangar Veettu azhage